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from the album: Embrace

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The night belongs to us 
Weíre caught in a world of our own 
We cling to the hope it would change for us 
Is it in vain? Is it too late? 
Why did it have to be you than I. 
I heard the news today. 

Is this the beginning of our last dance? 
Once around the floor, can we do it again? 
I feel the thrill from words we say, 
I love you. 

Embrace so much tighter 
This could be our last together 
Heaven sheds tears for the wounded hearts 
Our forever has been torn apart 

Our vast religions 
Wonít help us answer 
What was pre-destined for us to have 
Since long ago. 
Itís hopeless 

The world it turns with us 
Hold me in closer, donít let go of me 
Now we close our eyes and let go to the night 
The night we feel alive. 
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