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by: Enchi
from the album: Dungangi Ni
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Kung akoy mahimong baboy 
Ihigot sa inyong silong 
Kung aduna moy kaluoy 
Pakauna lang ug tae 

Kuna ako mahimong tae 
Ipapilit sa inyong haligi 
Kung aduna moy kaluoy 
Ipakaon lang sa inyong baboy 

Chorus 1: 
Kung wan-ay baboy 
Sa inyong silong 
Wan-ay mokitkit 
Sa igit nga miipilit 
Sa inyong haligi (2x) 

If im going to be a piggy 
You tie me under the backyard 
If you have mercy on me 
You feed thy shet to me 

If im going to be a shet 
In the post thats where I should stick 
If you have mercy mercy 
You feed me to your piggy 

Chorus 2: 
If no more piggy 
Under your backyard 
No one's going to eat 
With the possy 
Stocking shet 
Under the backyard
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