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Cris Villanueva Filed A Restraining Order!
posted by (Feb 04, 2007 @ 7:03PM) views: 3834
Cris Villanueva Filed A Restraining Order Against Criselda Volks
By Kathy Villalon Cinco

Revenge is best served cold. This is what character actor and former matenee idol of That's Entertainment, Cris Villanueva is doing with regards to the never ending issues his former live in partner has been bringing up to different talk shows to be talked about. Not really publicly known to many that Cris Villanueva and Criselda Volks , a sexy starlet during the 90's, lived in for 7 years and had a son. It had been a rocky relationship since the former had been caught with several men while still in the premise of the relationship.

According to the sources who witnessed the falling out of the two stars, after two years in the relationship Cris caught Criselda having an affair with former child star Nino Mulach and this was proven after several attempts of denials through a video tape that Nino Mulach accidentally left in a camera that he lend to a reporter. Not long enough, we have read about Criselda Volks shouting outside the El Nino Mulach's building and asking Nino Mulach to choose between his wife Edith and her.

Second chance was given to Criselda after begging Cris back and for the sake of their son, Rafa, Cris gave in and decided to try again. Unfortunately after few months again of being together, they separated due to gambling and numerous accounts of debts. Vises of Criselda got out of hand and it was like taking care of a teenager. Until one night while Jober Sucaldito and Richard Pinlac were playing tong-its with Criselda Volks, the two reporters got shocked to see a male model, Jed flirting openly with Criselda in the house of Cris Villanueva. After which everything is history.

Cris Villanueva is now happily married and about to be a father again. Both announced that they’re expecting a baby girl soon. We saw him and his non-showbiz wife in the Metro magazine event at the Shangri-la Hotel. The couple looks very much in love and both look stress-free. But being a reporter, I cannot let this chance pass us by. I cannot help myself but ask Cris regarding the issue that he's not supporting their son and that Crisleda Volks threatened to have him picked up by her relatives from Cavite. Cris Villanueva casually answered this with: " I temporarily stopped supporting when the mother (Crisleda Volks) took him away from us when we refuse to buy my son from her for a price. Simply because my son and i deserve our fair time together. Our lawyers have been working on this issue since come July my son will be 7 already. And about that issue that she threatened to have me picked up, I will not be surprised that she said that. She has been sending me ill messages all implying for me to sign an abandonment agreement for my son so she can just throw my son to someone else's family (here or abroad). I believe that no father who cares for his son would ever think of doing such a crazy thing. My wife and I are just waiting for the right time. And we know in His time we’ll be reunited with Rafa. But for now, I’ve resigned from the idea of even bothering to talk and discuss matters with my son’s mother. You see, i love my son from the day i laid eyes on him. I cry to each time his mother says all nasty things about me, which of course were all lies and luckily hardly any reporter will pick the invented issues up. I know it's because she does have a reality problem due to drugs and perhaps how she sees life. I know somehow deep inside, my son is affected." Cris said while trying to relax ‘the for a moment tensed face’. Good thing the wife was there to pleasantly smile and give him support. The way they looked sent each other a million beautiful sentences to one another only the two of them understood.

We never knew that what Criselda all along wanted was an abandonment agreement so she can have his son adopted. What we've learned from the bodyguards of Cris Villanueva is that the couple filed restraining order against Criselda Volks and CIDG helped they have Criselda Volks blotter.

After that talk with Cris Villanueva, he gains our respect all the more. He's been a true gentleman all these times. This is where we'll see who's dignified and who's not. Who's truly happy and who’s trying very hard to pretend. We’ve always knows the better side of the coin comes from the more credible being.
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midori days!!!!
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