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halimbawa ng tagalog na resume
posted by (Sep 12, 2009 @ 8:25PM) views: 9123
penge naman. pls.
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zoo sa laguna
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Help po.

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CookieMonster    •reply Sep 12, 2009 @ 8:35 PM
aba,ok to a.

never imagined of having a tagalog resume.
  dEaThAnGeL_MaRa19    •reply    Sep-12-09@8:38PM
homework po sa filipino eh.
banas nga kc walang format na binigay, kaya eto, naghahanap ako ng paraan.
  CookieMonster    •reply    Sep-12-09@8:50PM
d pa ko nakakakita nyan

pero i think isame format mo nlng sa english resume.tagalugin mo nlng
  dEaThAnGeL_MaRa19    •reply    Sep-12-09@10:07PM
kuya, *kalabit*

anu po sa tagalog ang
"affiliations" & "character references"

pls parang awa mo n. dinudugo na ilong ko sa pagttranslate e.

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zoo sa laguna
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Help po.


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