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paano mo malalaman kung crush ka rin niya....???
posted by (Oct 01, 2005 @ 1:15PM) views: 2976
hi guys!!!
paano mo malalaman kung mahal ka rin niya...????
para sa mga guyz online,anong ginagagawa niyo para iparamdam sa mga gurlz na mahal niyo kami....????
may kinalaman ba ang the way you feel na parang kakaiba pag tumitingin siya sa yo...???ung parang feeling mo my kakaibang feelings din siya sa yo.....gaano katiny ang intuition ko na yun...???sapat na ba un pra sbhin kong my gusto rin xa sa u...????
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Ejhong    •reply Oct 1, 2005 @ 2:16 PM
to express my feelings to a girl that i love, i show my being true to her, i show all my ability (mental, emotional, humor, strength, godfearing and being honest) to capture her glitz and attentions!!!

mind_fairy    •reply Oct 1, 2005 @ 2:26 PM

1. if they spend extra time around you fussing about you and caring for you.

2.Talking to you and flirting.

3.When they listen to what you says, and show that they are attentive and enjoy it when you are speaking.

4.Eye contact is definitely a good sign. If you often find them smiling at you, talking to you, and sometimes joking about dating you to get a reaction. If (the reaction is) a good one, then they admit their interest.

5.they are just be extra friendly to you. Whenever u see him they cast their best smile.

6.they very interested and listen to what you say.

7.Talk to you whenever they can. they say little things that aren't too noticeable that could clue you into the fact that they like you.

8.they try to make eye contact with you and put you into situations where you'd both have to be together so you can talk and get to know each other.

9.Holding a hug just a little longer than usual.

10.they do things like holding doors for you.

11.they would look at you a certain way. Smile a lot.

12. if they send rose, and a poem, and they ask you out on a date.

13.they pick on you in a friendly way. That is my way of "flirting."

14.Smile, laugh, listen, get you to talk about things you enjoy doing (hobbies, dreams, life, etc.) anything that will make you light up.

If men can put their best foot forward so can women. Picture yourself talking to that person and think about what would really make him ask you to go out with him.
miatot    •reply Oct 1, 2005 @ 3:42 PM
if he spends more time with you and if he goes out an extra mile para sa U!
the_janitor    •reply Oct 1, 2005 @ 3:50 PM
malalaman mo kung ang tingin nya sa mukha lang. pero pag bumaba, tumaas at tumigil sa bandang gitna. iba ibig sabihin nun!
  julia429    •reply    Oct-1-05@3:55PM
  the_janitor    •reply    Oct-1-05@4:16PM
subukan mo hawakan sa ilong! pag nahiya may gusto sa yo yun pero pag nagalit malangis ilong nun!

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