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Tagalugin Mo Na Lang!
Isalin sa wikang Tagalog ang mga hiwatig (clues). Kung maaari, ang hinahanap namin ay ang orihinal na salitang Tagalog, hindi ang mga katagang nagmula lamang sa Kastila o sa Ingles. (Sana tama lahat ng ginawa naming pagsalin...)
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Fill in the "[BLANK]"s. Click on a blank block to display the clue for that word, then type the answer. You can use the arrow keys to navigate the blocks. There are no blank spaces, dashes, underscores, or apostrophes in the answers, i.e. "SAN MIGUEL" should be "SANMIGUEL", "MAX'S" should be "MAXS" and "HI-FI" should be "HIFI". As an added help, some clues have jumbled letters inside brackets and you can re-arrange the letters inside the brackets to form the answer. Click the "check puzzle" at the bottom of the crossword if you want to check your answers (wrong answers will be displayed in red.) You should see a "Congratulations!" message sa right-side ng crossword puzzle kung tama lahat ng sagot mo.

Tip: You can full-screen your browser screen for better view and navigation of the crossword. (Press F11 key for most browsers.)


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